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Have you already got a resting period planned for your horse? With the new Cavalor campaign ‘Rest, nature's best medicine’ we want to raise riders’ awareness of the fact that their horse is not able to perform at the same top level the whole year round. Horses need a few weeks' rest at least once a year to recuperate mentally and physically.

That does not mean that your horse needs to remain in a stall during a resting period. On the contrary, it is essential for horses to move around. Horses in nature can walk up to 25 km per day! Just make sure that you and your horse take it slow during the resting period.

Enjoy a time of pure relaxation and... share it with us! Upload here/via Relax & Smile your favourite photo of how you and your horse relax! For example: a light training, a walk through the forest, a nap in pasture...

Every week we are giving away two Cavalor fleece blankets. One of them could come your way, if your photo is chosen! We also are raffling off a Cavalor detox package every month! This package contains eleven bags of Cavalor FiberForce, one Cavalor Vitaflor 2 kg and one Cavalor Hepato Liq 250 ml.

Want to know more about the importance of rest for horses and the Cavalor detox treatment? Visit!

You can download the Relax & Smile contest rules here