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The holidays are in sight... And so are the Christmas presents! Take a nice Christmas picture of your horse with a Cavalor product of your choice. Upload your photo(s) here, collect likes via the Cavalor Facebook page and win a Cavalor Christmas package for your horse!

The Cavalor Christmas package contains:

  • 6 bags of Cavalor feed tailored to your horse;
  • A nice mash - Cavalor Mash&Mix - to replenish lost electrolytes after an effort or just as a reward;
  • A high-fiber snack - Cavalor Crunchies - to reward or pamper your horse;
  • Leather Soap and Leather Shine to keep your saddle, bridle, boots... in top condition;
  • Derma Spray, our new pH-neutral cleansing spray for hooves, skin, coat, mane and tail;
  • Cavalor PodoGuard for optimal hoof care.

The 3 participants who collect the most likes on their photos will be announced on 16 December and win the Cavalor Christmas package!

Good luck!