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Oh no, time's up! Adding new pictures to our album is no longer possible for this competition! The picture with the most likes in our Vitacrunch Album on Facebook will be announced the 2nd of May. Until then it's up to you to get as many likes as possible on your favourite picture on Facebook. But feel free to look around in our album here, I'm sure these pictures will make you smile! And don't be sad this competition is over: we are already preparing another one! Keep your eye on this website so you don't miss out on future competitions! 

Step 1.

Take the funniest photo possible of your horse and upload it here. Make sure you enter your personal details so we can contact you.

Step 2.

The Cavalor team will look at all the entries. As soon as your photo is approved, you will receive an email from us containing a voucher for a free Cavalor Vitacrunch.

Step 3.

If approved, your photo will be added to the website and the Cavalor Facebook page.

Step 4.

Try and collect as many likes as possible and maybe you will win a personalized suitcase!


All participants will receive a voucher for a free bag of Vitacrunch*, the healthy super snack that is a real treat for your horse.

The best entry will receive a lovely personalized travel set, printed with the winning photo.